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 Shandong Zhongshun Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service of brake pads for automobile. It is located in qinhuangtai Township Industrial Zone, Binzhou City, only 2 km away from the expressway, and the south of national highway G2005 is provincial highway s315 to the west, so the traffic is very convenient. The net land area of phase I is 20000 square meters, mainly building brake pad production workshop, brake pad warehouse, R & D center, etc. with a building area of 15000 square meters, 4 brake pad production lines, and an annual output of 15million brake pads. The second phase also needs 20000 square meters of net land, reaching an annual output of 30million brake pads after the production. The total investment of the project is RMB 200million, and the first phase needs 30 mu of land, and the construction is completed in two phases. The fixed assets investment is 150 million yuan and the current capital is 50million yuan.
The company has a strong technology research and development team, focusing on the independent R & D and technological innovation of products. It has successively introduced the world's leading-edge imported test and testing equipment. The technical equipment and R & D ability have reached the international advanced level, and have strong practical force in the field of brake pads and brakes. The company plans to develop jointly with the Institute of mechanical science of Jilin University, Shandong Qilu University of technology, China Heavy Truck Technology Development Center, Beijing University of technology and other famous universities, and to form a scientific innovation system combining original innovation, independent innovation, joint innovation and production, learning and research innovation in the light of the development and research projects of the enterprise, And gradually established the company has a complete standard system of independent intellectual property rights and the full implementation of the decision-making rights of the results of the ownership status, to provide technical support platform for project construction.
After the project is completed and normally operated, the main production of brake pad products for automobile is expected to reach 30.1 million yuan (30 million pieces per year) of annual operating income, with total cost of RMB 23.96 million, tax and surcharges of RMB 1.09 million, total profit of 63.42 million yuan, total profit and tax of 73.74 million yuan, net profit after tax of 47.56 million yuan, reaching 26.17 million yuan of annual tax revenue; The annual investment profit margin is 45.049%, the investment profit and tax rate is 52.379, the return rate of investment is 33.78%, the total investment recovery period is 4.46 years, and the annual comprehensive energy saving standard coal / year is 34.53 tons. The total energy saving rate of the project is 21.6590, which has remarkable economic, social and energy saving benefits.

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